Bird Tower
Bird Tower
The hideously complicated structure that is sitting in my back yard and soon to be in yours.

Supplies List:
1. one 4x4 post as long as needed. Try to set the birdhouses so they will be at a good viewing height. Make sure it is tall enough to keep cats from getting the birds.

2. one bag quick drying concrete.

3. four cleats

4. four planter hooks

5. four cleats

6. 4 pulleys

7. 4x4 cap

8. four clips.

9. one bundle 1/4 in braided rope

10 four screw eyes.
1. Dig hole
2. set post
3. fill w/ concrete
4. let dry.
(yes it is much easier to add the stuff after the post is up then to try and build it on the ground.)
While waiting:
5. attach pulley to end of plant hook with the clips.
6. put cap on 4x4
7. attach a planter hanger to the top of the 4x4 in the center.
8. install a screw eye about 8 inches below the bottom of the hanger.
9. run rope through screw eye, through pulley and tie to a clip.
10. climb down ladder with clip and other rope end. Allow rope to rest on the ground, allow end to reast on ground and cut the rope off at that point. This will be a little to much rope but you can adjust that later.
11. Repeat steps 7 through 10 on all 4 sides of the 4x4. Use the location of the other hooks and screw eyes to place the next ones. They look better in a row.
12. attach the cleats at a comfortable height for you. Keep them even.
13. attach a bird feeder to the hook, climb up the ladder, pull the rope (non feeder end) and stop when the feeder is just off the ground.  Tie a knot at this point below the eye to keep the feeder from crashing to the ground if the rope slips.
14. with the bird feeder at the bottom. (weight resting on knot. cut the rope off a foot. below the cleat.
15. fill the feeder.
16 pull feeder to the top of the pulley and cleat offf.
17. repeat steps 13 through 16. for other 3 sides.
18. Enjoy!
Step 5
Clip and pulley
Step 8
Step 9