The Pond
Blue Sun Jewelers
Jewelry, Stained Glass, and Ponds(?)
The Begining:
Just Add Water:
After the 1st  three tons of rock:
Upper 2 pools
Middle & Bottom Pools
The Streambed (looking upstream)
The Streambed (looking downstream)
The Bottom pond
Looking Up(stream)
6/18/07 2nd 3 tons of rock delivered
All pictures are only thumbnails. please click for more detail.
7/23/07 Adding another pond
7/4/04 spreading rocks
Pond 1. This pond will be filled with Water Hyacinth.

Pond 2. This is a mini-pond which will house a small native fish of some sort. Either a cickleback, mad tom, or bullhead minnjow.

Pond 3. This pond is for goldfish. (along with frogs, mudbugs and other native creatures.

Pond 4. This pond will Hold native fish, bluegills and such as well as the usual local creatures.

Pond 5. Another mini-pond. this one has a feeder comet living in it right now.

Pond 6. The plant pond. not many fish, but plenty of plants planned.

Pond 7. The upper pond. used for water flow and to grow cattails.

and there you have it.
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